Welcome to Millknock!


Travel south of town down a two-lane country road lined to the edge of black
asphalt with white and red oaks, Virginia pine, and dogwood. In fall it's a
rustling canopy of foliage, spring’s redbud blossoms dust the road, and deep
July green gives the illusion of coolness.

Leave the pavement for an even narrower wooded drive, continue this journey
over Black Branch Creek (named for the citizens who once owned this land or
the dark water slipping below?) for a mile and hope you don’t meet a vehicle
coming the other way.

Woods open up to sky and field, past beehives, fencerows, and grazing sheep.
Red/white/blue Tibetan prayer flags rise and stretch in the breeze. A cedar slat
fence frames the yard with bent twig trellises covered in clematis, roses, or
honeysuckle. Tall cedar saplings bend into arches over the gardens and the
walkway to the house. A curious face peers out from the window, a Collie.